Hello !


My name is Adrien and I’m a 27 y.o belgian music composer living in Brussels. I’m also a medical doctor since june 2018.


I started music when I was 8 y.o by playing the guitar. During 10 years I played with my big brother who is a drummer almost every single day. That’s when I started composing for several rock bands we were in. Playing with different people made me also want to play different instruments like the drum, the bass guitar, the piano, the flute, the cello and many more…


At 18 y.o I bought my first keyboard and I started making music on my own. I spent thousand of hours on youtube to learn how to use my computer to produce music. For two years I took courses on how to compose orchestral music with a spanish composer who works now in Hollywood. Then I bought many courses on internet and I spent month learning and practicing the art of orchestral and trailer music. It’s a never ending process of growing by trials and errors but it is worth all the way.


Composing music is my life passion and I wouldn’t be where I am in my life without it. I’m so grateful to have reached a point where people are hiring me to compose music. 


Among many projects, I made music for several documentaries which were broadcasted on Belgian’s national TV during the Football cup “Euro 2016” and also several shortfilms from the project “The Royal Silk Road” sponsored by Canon and other big brands like Columbia. I’m currently working as a composer for Dos Brains, a Holywood Trailer music label based in Los Angeles. Recently I got a placement on the trailer of “Ma” released by Universal Pictures.


My work as a doctor never stopped me making music and I will continue to compose and grow in the music industry.



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